Monday, 21 November 2011

Of what to write?

"Words are broader than the ocean itself”  Bonginkosi Mnisi

Of what to write? Of life, love and liberty?
Or of war, pain and the suffering of physical existence?

This choice is by far the most important,
For words are precious and must be chosen with care,
Is the aim to inform, enlighten or entertain?
For every following reader will be taken there.

But words are more than simply a means to an end,
They are an outlet for frustration and pain.
A mouthpiece for hope and joy, or a call to action,
Perhaps an encouragement to hope when it seems in vain.

The poet wields influence in his finger tips,
And this influence must never be abused.
Rather, this influence needs be understood,
Or an opportunity can be missed, or misused.

(I decided to re-post this poem for the dVersePoets 'Poems about Poetry' prompt, some have seen it before but it fit so well with the prompt I decided to be a bit cheeky and add it in as a second on this week, sorry!)

NB: not my first poem, and not one of the better ones either. And yet, it still seems a good place to start this project.

And a little extra...

A poem is a valuable thing,
Made all of wealthy words.
And they must be chosen with care,
For then the right message is heard.


  1. Morning all (afternoon to you), I unfortunately don't have time to write something today based on the Poetics prompt (verbs related to jobs or trades) so thought I would put forward this poem.

    I am trained and have worked as a journalist, and I now dabble in poetry in my spare time. So, words have always been tools as Karin said in her post. This poem was an attempt to understand that.

    Any feedback appreciated as always!

  2. i feel you on this...our words carry a lot of power and should be weighed and considered with care...and i know some that have abused that influence as well...sometimes though that line is hard to determine...smiles.

    1. Well said Brian, when does sharing a personal opinion, are some more right that others? Does free speech mean you can be racist?

    2. ouch yeah true that man...there are def boundaries but it is really hard to determine where that line is drawn...

  3. I LOVED this Dylan! Words are the most powerful of weapons, and our poets are a cherished commodity that need to know safe passage in order to pen their wisdom. It may not have been written to the prompt, but I think it's a perfect addition to todays offerings. It makes one pause and consider the weight and importance of using the words wisely...what more important message is there?

    1. Thanks for engaging Natasha, and for the constant encouragement! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. You are right! Picking a subject is so hard--one that engages you and your care about. Good job. K.

  5. Thanks for the comments, great to see people reading the poem and especially engaging with the subject!

  6. our words are powerful indeed and it's good to choose them wisely...just thinking about the trouble with a writer we had a few weeks ago who seemed to have misused his power.. good to be reminded of the responsibility we have as a poet as well

  7. Excellently done, and yes, a good place to start. I agree.

  8. I live th emphasis placed on choosing the topic- words are like colors that only take the form of a picture, a place, a moment, when carefully chosen by the artist!

  9. Thanks for the comments,
    Claudia, I would be interested to know more,

    Thanks for the encouragement Dave

    Charity, well said!