Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I Fear

We are the masters of our universe,
And, having conquered all we care for of the terrestrial world,
Our gaze has turned aquatic.
Armed with our life saving breathing apparatus,
And curiosity coupled with greed,
We sink deeper into the clear depths,
Not stopping to look behind,
And realise that everything we have discovered,
We have destroyed.
As with the world above,
We are leaving our mark on the world below,
Bleached corals, small numbers of fish, missing turtles and sharks.
We are now destroying the sea,
The only benefit beneath the ocean,
Is most marine life has not yet learned to fear us.

I wrote this poem while diving in beautiful Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2010, where my brother took these photos. It was the most beautiful and untouched place I have ever dived but, even there, there are some signs of what humanities actions have meant for the reefs and marine life.

This reminded me of places like Indonesia where, although beautiful, the damage is shocking in some places. 

We have destroyed so much of the world and I worry that now we are moving on the oceans.

What do you think?

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