Monday, 26 March 2012

I am madly in love, and I don’t even know her name

I am madly in love and I don’t even know her name,
All I can say is life will never be the same.

Joy is coursing from me in an un-ending stream,
And all I can do is scream, scream, SCREAM!

I look up at the stunning star studded sky,
And know that right now I’d be happy to die.

For I’m experiencing one of life's greatest gifts,
It really doesn’t get much better than this.

The staggering sunrise of a dawning day,
The birth of your child, or own wedding, say?

I’m drunk with elation and possibilities a’plenty,
Knowing that right now life really means for me,

To simply live, let the future bring what may,
Throw caution to the wind and embrace this way.

For even if it fails and cupid crashes in a heap,
These memories, sweet memories forever I’ll keep.

I wrote this poem in one 15 minute sitting (with most of it constructed while riding home) on 15 April 2010 after meeting one of my ex-girlfriends. It's an attempt to capture the passion and sheer madness of falling in love, and it seems relevant to me again.

Because of this it uses a simple  rhyming structure. What do you think of this, could it be changed or tightened to improve the poem?

The real question it's asking is: "is there any better feeling than this?"
What are your experiences of falling in love?
Can you relate to this poem?

The beautiful image of the dancer is an oil painting called "The passion of dance" by Drew Jacoby

A second poem on love:
Rapt in the soft retreat, my anxious breast
Pants still for something unpossessed;
Whence springs this sudden hope, this warm desire?
To what enjoyment would my soul aspire?
‘Tis love! extends my wishes and my care
Eden was tasteless ‘till an Eve was there.
Benjamin Church


  1. Nice alliteration here:

    "stunning star studded sky"

    That is a great picture.

  2. Thanks Rosemary, it's funny you mention that line as I actually had fun writing it, seeing how much alliteration I could cram in.

    If you enjoyed that alliteration you might also like my poem 'Dolphins'

    Every line contains alliteration, e.g.:
    "Dolphins dart daringly beneath the deck, dancing in the daylight..."

  3. nice...i like...dont even know her you are in trouble...haha...and i hope the fates deem that you get a chance to meet...there is def madness in love man....

  4. Delightful! Yes you captured it!

  5. so you don't know the name of your ex girlfriend..? ha...this is the honesty and emotions in this

  6. Haha Brian and Claudia, the fun part came when I then wanted to get in contact with her via Facebook the next day to organise a surfing trip that weekend, but couldn't remember her name.

    Eventually I found her through a friend, and the rest as they say is history. We were together for two mostly happy years.

    Thanks for the comments! You too Buddah haha