Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tuscan romance

 Tuscan romance
The spring sun is shining, the birds are a’flight,
As we weave our way through the Florentine light.

Filtered by green trees on the side of the road,
Bordered by clear rivers which for centuries have flowed,

We wind our way into the clear mountain air,
With our trusty Vespa to take us there.

Our destination unknown, but we know what awaits,
For in a Tuscan romance, good food and laughter's our fate.

I wrote this poem in mid-2011 while staying in Italy with my then girlfriend, and Italian.

Her family had a holiday house in the seaside town of Viareggio  in Tuscany and one beautiful day we had taken a drive up into the stunning hills and mountains that rise up in the hinterland. We visited a beautiful old church up on a hill surrounded by vineyards, had a delicious lunch and
extremely flavourful Chianti (a local red wine) at a small family run restaurant that looked out over the valley. 

What a day in bella Italia!

Have you had any similar traveling experiences that inspired poems? Feel free to post them here if you have.


  1. sounds like a great road trip to me...would love to visit tuscany and your words bring it to life....

    1. That it was Brian, and you could catch up with Claudia and the European based dVersePoets while you're at it haha!

      Thanks for comment

  2. nice... i've been to tuscany last year for summer's a magical place..

  3. Ahhhh --- this made my whole frontal cortex relax. It has that soft light of Tuscany and then the motor of the Vespa! A lot of fun. k.