Sunday, 15 July 2012


Beauty, she lies, all gentle curves,
And soft, smooth contours,
Radiant and glowing in the warm Spanish sun.

The rounds of her mounts takes my breath away,
And the lush forest waits invitingly below.

The blue of her eyes is in the endless sea,
Surrounded by the rich browns of sun kissed skin,

The warmth of her skin reflected in a loving carefree attitude,
Which only enhances her physical beauty,

Here I feel at home,
Slowly traversing her hills and valleys,
Oh Cantabria, I’m glad I’m here with thee.

I wrote this poem on 21/04/2011 while on a bus trip through Cantabria, a province of Spain, on the way to meet a now ex-girlfriend who was working in Donostia/San Sebastian in the Basque Country/Spain.

I was in love at the time and excited to see her after a couple of months working in Germany; the beautiful northern Spanish countryside made me think of her…


  1. she is a beautiful lady eh? love the personified imagery of her...the blue eyes endless seas contrasting her roundness...think i would be happy to be there too...

  2. Sounds lovely - it's a place, isn't it! Ha. Terrific, Dylan. k.

  3. I do believe you made me blush. ;)

  4. Haha she was that Brian, and mostly good memories!

    Karin, Cantabria is a place, a beautiful province in northern Spain with Santander as the capital. Thanks!

    Now that is a great compliment DarkAngel haha!

  5. Evocative and provocative, very well done Dylan!

  6. i like how the love and longing mingles with the beauty of the landscape