Friday, 6 July 2012

Sexual unity?

We’ve all been out there,
Running the rat race,
Not realising,
We all got a slap in the face.

We’re all in there,
Chasing the girl,
And all that's happening is,
We’re being taken for a twirl.

Because all around this world,
This wide, wide world,
There’s a boy,
There’s a girl.

She’s singing a sweet song,
He’s drooling,
She’s stringing him along, 
He's fooling.

He buys her a drink,
And is starting to think
He’s in with a grin,
He’s in to win!

Is she too thin?
No, he can’t wait to begin,
Begin what? Tonight,
There’ll be no begin-ning,

Both are trying to fill,
The gaping hole inside,
Inside comes outside,
Both know they’re being lied, to.
But where they’re looking,
They’re not going to find,
The thing to set at rest,
Their mind.

Where was love lost,
Along the way?
A long way, back?
To far to track?

Because in a culture,
That’s all about sex,
What comes nex-t?
Thousands of people all vexed?

Where did we lose,
Those religious values,
That see sex and love,
To be cherished?

But they perished,
Not that I wish to return,
Or turn, back time,
It’s impossible and not required.

Rather to realise there’s a hole,
That can only be filled by love,
And friends and community,
Not in simple sexual unity.

I started thinking through this piece on the way home from a night out partying in NZ in early 2012, observing and listening to the other passengers on the bus. 

I finished it off as a stream-of-consciousness spoken-word piece for the dVersePoets prompt on the fractured nature of the modern world, in which Western culture is, I think, losing sight of what is important while we all chase personal pleasure.

What do you, about both the poem (which needs to be read out loud in spoken word style) and the subject it tackles?

When it becomes just about sex then sexual unity gains immunity, from love. It stops being an affair of the heart, and that apart it can only lead to falling apart, for a start. It becomes an art, the art of seduction, in all a reduction of a human relationship, the Intro-duction of self-satisfying, selfish self-gratification which leads to the striation of society.


  1. A youth perspective on love ~ an interesting take as most of your contemporaries have changed and confused the landscape of love and sexuality. It takes a lot more than just dancing and trite words to achieve unity with someone else ~

    I enjoyed the visit ~

  2. Indeed it does, you pinned it right on. Community and love are the foundation of whole souls and healthy societies. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong, and I fear that one must walk thru the wasteland to endure the trials before finding that love that can fill the emptiness with everlasting trust and care. Great poem bringing to mind what has been lost, what must be found.

  3. i feel you is all about the appetite and conquest....satisfying ourselves and getting what we want...and when that bleeds into relationships you see unfaitfulness and divorces sky rocket...and we consume all the fill that hole...

  4. Really thoughtful poem and very right too - well done. (Agh.) k.

  5. Shows that the dance of love needs more then tuneful footwork!

  6. yeah...our insatiable hunger for sex can destroy us if not accompanied by love and respect...well penned..

  7. People often confuse the need for love and acceptance with the need for sex, therefore they fill that hole with lot's of sex thinking it will take away the pain. It's a vicious circle. Sex will only take away the pain when accompanied by love itself.