Thursday, 1 December 2011


Dolphins dart daringly beneath the deck, dancing in the daylight.

Sleek, shining, silver bodies shooting through the surface of the sea.

Frivolously flying through the air, faster and faster; fittingly frolicsome.

Concluding, they casually cruise the calm, clear sea; completely carefree.

Majestic and mighty, mesmerizing, and most of all memorable for me.

I absolutely love seeing dolphins, their carefree nature and the fact that I always enjoy being in the ocean anyway means that I can remember all the times I have seen them while surfing, diving or sailing. 

I wrote this poem in the form of alliterations after seeing a pod of dolphins surround our boat during a diving trip in Papua New Guinea in 2010. The diving was some of the best I have seen in the world and the dolphins were the cream on the cake; especially when they lowered nets over the side of the boat and dragged us along in the water with them!
Have you got any alliteration replies?


  1. Dolphins are extraordinary - large but cute! Beautiful description!

  2. so cool...dolphins are to watch them play...swam with them in the wild before too....crazy seeing them close up like that....lovely verse capturing them...

  3. Wonderful alliteration - shoots through the poem like fins through water - I love dolphins too. k.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guy and gals, nice to share we share two loves, poetry and dolphins haha