Saturday, 17 December 2011

Help me to heal a girl’s broken heart

Lord, help me to heal a girls broken heart,
To know what to say would be a start.
To right the wrongs done by men,
And urge her to trust again.

For love awaits us all,
In this harsh world.

I wrote this poem in 2005 after a friend had been cheated on and I was trying to work out how to help her. I ended up faxing (the height of technology!) it to her and still don't know how she took it.

Any comments? Have you or a friend been cheated on? How did you feel? 

Image by heart broken pictures

A Micro Poem:
I see the sea/ That last I saw/ One summery day in/ September//
That sea I saw/ That summery day/Now says to me/ Surrender// 

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