Sunday, 11 December 2011

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung,
Let it bring what it may,
For it’s done its job,
Banishing the harsh winter away.
The trees are a’flower,
And there’s love in the air,
As people get out,
And children play everywhere.
We wouldn’t appreciate,
A rose without thorns,
And the same is true,
As the new spring is born.

Image: A beautiful photo of New Zealand's Mt Cook, the country's highest mountain, in the spring. Photo from

I wrote this poem after enjoying the 2011 European spring bursting into life after a cold German winter; and thought I would post it as here in New Zealand we get into our spring. Really experiencing the four seasons is one of my favourite things about life in Europe, since in both South Africa and New Zealand where I have lived for long periods you don't really notice the change; although this photo shows one place where you really do see it!


  1. The image is utterly divine! The poem is lovely too, except for the 'harsh winter' bit. I love the Winter!:)

  2. Haha I actually enjoy winter as well! It was just at the time I wrote this poem I had had enough and was looking forward to getting outdoors again.

    And, i agree the photo is amazing, New Zealands South Island is beautiful.

    Thanks for the comment!