Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Love can move a man to madness

Image by: GypsyH

 What is this love which can move a man to madness?
That can push a logical, controlled soul to embrace emotion and hopefulness.

Not to choose the easy path, but instead the voyage unknown,
The one thing this all does show is just how much I’ve grown.

I’ve given up what seemed most sure, for that which seems the least.
But sacrifice in love is oft required so now my fear has ceased.

I have a dream, a great man once said, and he meant it with his heart,
I have a dream of a life of love and happiness, and this is just the start.

My first foray into 'love' poetry on this blog, I can't remember the moment of love-struck madness that inspired this poem but the feeling is still there.

Do you have any similar experiences or comments to relate? 

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