Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Journey into a forbidden relationship - Part 1

I walk through this field of fallen dreams,
And consider the wisdom contained in reams,

Of experience, all from my life,
Earned through pain and through strife.

I've a fair idea where this path will go,
But I don't stop and nor do I slow,

In one way I like the pain,
For suddenly I'm writing again.

I remind myself who I could win,
But how could that happen without bowing to sin?

And now the time is not right,
My side of the scale is too light.

So I must my emotions control,
If I'm not to pay Cupid's toll.

I wrote this piece in the park pictured above on 03/05/12 while I was trying to deal with a relationship that was developing with a friend, but which could never work because she already had a boy friend she loved.

In regards to the photo the intriguing 'ruins' are in Western Park, Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ, and are artwork by John Radford called 'The Tip. The photo is from Auckland Daily Photo blog.

I have written other poems as the relationship developed and will upload them in chronological order. A poetic journey through the emotions of love.  

I have uploaded this poem for the dVerse Poets digital pub open link night because it is a piece that is current to me at the moment, the experience got me writing again and I think the series could make interesting reading.


  1. Poems of love are often the best ones! I love the pic of the ruins.

  2. those are hard man...when you know they cant work but you still cling to that hope....at least you started writing again out of it, right? this will be a cool journey man...and that is a cool capture of the art man...

  3. sometimes those difficult situations and emotions spark the flame to express ourselves with words, write what lays heavy on the hard onto paper...not easy to know what to do...but glad it brought you to writing again

  4. I fully agree, and am more and more convinced it is because of the depth of emotion that love brings with it. Deep emotion always seems to inspire my writing, I assume it is the same for others?