Friday, 11 May 2012

Journey into a forbidden relationship - Part 2

Warmth and passion, or destruction?

I see her everywhere I go,
She is in everything I do,
She is my motivation, she is my frustration.

Her beauty stops my breath,
And her wit brightens my day,
She is my awe, she is my internal war.

I live for our conversations,
And follow wise advice.
She is my guide, she wavers with the tide.

I respect her for her values,
From that which I can glean.
She is my match, she is fire's thatch.

I enjoy all time spent with her,
In many a varied way,
She drives me round the bend, she is my friend.

I wrote this piece shortly after Part 1, while continuing to deal with a relationship that was developing with a friend, but which could never work because she already had a boy friend she loved.

Again, I have written other poems as the relationship developed and will continue to upload them in chronological order. 
Continue to join me through the poetic journey through the emotions of love. 


  1. "She is my match, she is fire's thatch."

    I love this line! The pic is pretty awesome too.
    I can't wait to read the rest of the poems.

  2. you capture the tearing/torn feelings of the situation exactly. i am eager to see where this story goes.