Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Journey into a forbidden relationship - Part 3

One  reason I like you is I write again.
Every time I pick up a pen,
In my mind words do flow,
As our love continue to grow.

Now please excuse the flowery word,
Even to me it sounds absurd.
But love can mean many things,
Not only the moment when cupid stings.

And I cannot deny what I feel,
These feelings simply must be real.
For they really will not go away,
No matter what we do or say.

I got inspired to write this third poem on 7 May. I was trying to think through why I liked the friend I had growing feelings for. As mentioned before she already had a boy friend and as such the relationship couldn't go anywhere.

So far I've have written one more poem about the relationship as time went on and I'll upload it next week.
Continue to join me through the poetic journey through the emotions of love.  
What do you think so far, can you relate? Have you been in the same position?


  1. I actually have been in a situation like this before. My feelings though were much stronger than his.(He was married, but she was cheating on him)Your words are what I felt at the time. I can still feel it to a certain point. I wrote several poems during that time period, but they aren't very good so I won't share.

  2. Hard to have strong feelings for someone who is not available. It only leads to hurting.
    Well said.

  3. Love definitely is great inspiration for poetry, isn't it? Even if the love is forbidden, it inspires passion. But I know having the feelings and knowing they will lead nowhere is hard.

    (I love New Zealand, by the way!!)

  4. No better source for poetic inspiration throughout history