Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Cemetery at Night

A cemetery is a place where your imagination takes fright,
Up on the wings of an inky crow’s flight.

Dead hands push up through the fecund soil,
Because in your head creativity does toil.

One look at the mound of a grass covered grave,
And in your mind you become fears slave.

But why do these places of remembrance & rest,
Set quaking the knees of any but the best?

All you need do is your mind control,
And through this quiet place you'll simply roll.

 While studying in Australia I used to ride home from university and found that ducking home through the roads of a local cemetery was the fastest way. This was fine during the day but after trying a couple of times at night I found I scared myself too much and gave up. This got me thinking, what is so frightening about cemeteries.

How do you feel in cemeteries?

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