Sunday, 8 January 2012

Her perfume

 Great photo is by Solenne-J-Art

One whiff, and she’s here.
Not entirely, more, sweet memories,
A first kiss, a smile, a dinner date.
The sweet, floral scent lingers,
Happiness takes over, I relax.
She may be thousands of miles away,
But while it remains, she's here.

Written on the 03/12/2010, this poem describes a situation which came about while I was packing up some of my girlfriends things before I left Australia to join her in Italy after 2 months apart. I found a bottle of her perfume, a very distinct perfume made of all natural ingredients, and as the poem describes "one whiff, and she" was with me.
Have you ever experienced something similar?

Micro Poetry:
Quality is victory, tenacity is strength.
Optimism breads equality, courage goes the length.

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