Tuesday, 17 January 2012

He wants me to be

He wants me to be brave and courageous,
To speak when he would’ve stayed silent.
To stick by what I believe in,
To achieve all that I’m able.
He wants me to succeed where he failed,
He loves me.
He is my father.

I wrote this poem in 2007 after getting some advice from my Dad. I was thinking about what he had said, what he wanted for me life, what motivated him. He is a very deep thinking and, I think, wise person who I have a lot of respect for. 

I only wish two things, one that everyone was so fortunate, and two that I live up to our hopes.

Now normally I have a micro-poem of my own but instead found this great poem/spoken word piece on fatherhood from another blog:

Father Figure

I Figure a Father Figure is one who does more than bring home Further Figures. In Fact A Father Figure is A Figure of speech; for fathers unlike our forefathers have the power of four fathers and so are more than just one figure.

I Figure a Father Figure is determined by the two definitions of an Action Figure. He can be a figure of action who acts on heart and mind alike. Or he can be an action figure….just a still sculpture of material that does nothing but lie or stay still, no heart and no mind.

I Figure a Father Figure who doesnt Figure as a Father gives his child two choices. They can have a reaction which works two ways but usually ends up the worse way; gangs, guns, drugs, negativity. OR they can have a re-action; rebuild and take action, constructing a life that figures more useful than their father could imagine.

I Figure a Father Figure is a Father that Figured.

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