Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My muse

My muse,
O’ beauteous she,
She does such wondrous things to me,
I feel no fear or trepidation,
For she’s an endless source, of inspiration.
The world made clear in black and white,
I know just what I’m here to fight.

A torch in the night, courage she gives,
I know I’ll be strong as long as she lives.
Whether near or far,
My shining star,
A better man I’ll be,
And all, because of she.

I wrote this poem a few years ago while thinking about what it was that inspired me to write poems most often and grappling with the ancient idea of the Muse goddesses. 

I am re-posting this poem for dVersePoets poetic on 'Poems about Poetry'. I have written another poem more related to the subject, 'Of what to write?', but many of the dVersePoets have already read it.

What is it that gives you your creativity and inspires your life?

Beautiful photo of a statue of the Muse Tallia in St-Petersburg, Russia. By Andrej Antipin


  1. it is nice to be able to have that muse to light the way esp when we are not feeling the most poetic...she keeps us going...and on days when she is napping oh what trouble we are in...smiles.

  2. I love the idea of a muse being a goddess and I love the pic. Awesome write!

  3. This has a classic feel to it. Love it!

  4. Very lovely, Dylan - a noble classic feel as Laurie said. k.

  5. Wish mine was so predictable... but then I don't think my muse is female. No, pretty sure he's not, nor reliable.

  6. Haha well said Brian! And DarkAngel my muse(s) are not necessarily reliable and in the stage of life I'm in they seem to change every year or two haha!

    Thanks for the comments all, I'd never really thought about the classic feel but take it as a big compliment!